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Office of Operations and Facilities

The Calhoun County School District Operations Department is responsible for maintaining the integrity of Calhoun County Schools' facilities in a cost efficient and safe manner. The department is responsible for energy management, preventive maintenance, and reactive repair of facilities and grounds.



Annual Notification of Asbestos Management Plans


In compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Calhoun County Public Schools (CCPS) has prepared Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plans for the following CCPS buildings: Calhoun County High School, St. Matthews K-8 School, Sandy Run K-8 School, and the CCPS District Office. No asbestos-containing materials were used in the construction of the new District Office, St. Matthews K-8 School, or the Sandy Run K-8 School. Furthermore, no asbestos-containing materials were used in the renovations to Calhoun County High School; however, AHERA requires preparation of an O&M plan for each school building. The plans are available for inspection during regular business hours as required by the AHERA Rule. The O&M Plans are on file at the CCPS District Office located at 125 Herlong Avenue, St. Matthews, SC 29135.


Any questions concerning the O&M Plans should be addressed to George Kiernan and Local Education Agency (LEA) Designee, at the CCPS District Office.


Proposed Projects for 2022-2023

1. Playground synthetic surface for both K8 Schools.

2. Repair parking lot at SMK8.

3. HVAC upgrades at all three schools. 

4. New student furniture for grades 1-3 at both K8 schools.


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125 Herlong Ave. St. Matthews, SC 29135